V. Conference on Consciousness with Phenomenology Panel


Vth Conference on Consciousness with a Phenomenology Panel

Place and Time: Sofia University "St. Kliment Ochriski", Conference Room 1, 27 of January 2017, 9AM - 8PM



9.00-11.00 – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Kolev (chair) 

 – Prof., Dr. Krassimir Delchev – The atrophy and decrease of consciousness in the XXIth century as an effect of the technical and informational hypertrophy

– Prof., Dr.  Alexander Andonov – Consciousness, handyness, and the creation of subjectivity  

– Prof., Dr.  Maria Dimitova – Agamben and Levinas on commandment 


11.30-13.30 – Assoc. Prof., Dr. Christo Stoev (chair)

 – Prof., Dr. Yvanka B. Raynova – Paul Ricoeur's reinterpretation of Husserl through the "verification" of the intentional analysis

– Assoc. Prof., Dr. Kristian Enchev – Paul Ricoeur: the living potency in the living metaphor

– Assoc. Prof., Dr. Ivan Kolev – The metaphysics of interiority


13.30-14.30 – Lunch


14.30-16.30 – Prof., Dr. Yvanka B. Raynova (chair)

  – Assoc. Prof., Dr. Christo Stoev  – Phenomenology and alienation

– Assoc. Prof., Dr. Stoyan Assenov – The Shadow

– Dr. Andrey Leshkov – Wordlesness and reflection


17.00-19.00 – Dr. Andrey Leshkov (chair)

– Assist. Prof. Dr. Silvia Kristeva – The object apprehension: Kant and/or Aristotle

 – Assist. Prof. Zoya Hristova – Aristotle's Πνεῦμα & Ψυχή 

 – Vihren Mitev (PhD candidate) – The self-consciousness of the genius

– Nevelin Vutev (PhD candidate) – The body as an incarnate will

 – Assist. Prof. David Peev – On truth and happiness from an evolutionnist and naturalist perspective